Alberta Open Farm Days

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Farming Smarter

  • Washrooms
  • Water
  • Farm Type: Crops
  • Southern Alberta
  • Saturday: CLOSED
  • Sunday: 11am - 4pm
Ticket Required
Attendance to this event requires tickets purchased in advance. Purchase tickets here.

Enjoy a variety of interactive events, field tours, equipment display and prizes.

Our learning sessions will include:

Seeds & Crops
Crop Protection
Harvest Basics
Bug Battles
Living Soils

The bonus activities will include:

A BBQ with hotdogs, burgers & fresh corn
An ice cream stand
Face painting
Crafts & games with prizes

Please RSVP below, or by clicking the ticket link, admission is free.

Open Farm Days

Hosts: Farming Smarter Team

(403) 317-0022

YouTube: Farming Smarter
FB Farming Smarter


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