Alberta Open Farm Days

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Sprout Farms Apple Orchards

  • Washrooms
  • Water
  • Farm Type: Vegetables and Fruit
  • Northern Alberta
  • Saturday: 10am - 5pm
  • Sunday: 10am - 5pm

Join us for a fruit filled day!  Tour our 700 tree apple orchards and learn about apple growing in Alberta.Our orchardist has 35 years of experience growing fruit trees in Alberta and will share her knowledge with you as she answers you questions on fruit growing. .  Enjoy grafting demonstrations and walks through our tree nursery.Walk though our pasture labyrinth and view our plans for the pollinator garden that will surround it. Great information on pollinators  and the plants that attract them will be provided. Learn about what is involved in planting a fruit tree guild.

We will be pressing cider with our apple press and  samples will be available. You can even have a try at working the press.  Apples that are ripe can be sampled by cultivar. Dehydrating demo and sampling will be held throughout both days.

Our concession will  be selling fruit popsicles, delicious apple crumble and other delights.  It is your oportunity to by a fruit share , to ensure a supply of delicious apples throughout the picking season, or you can order a tree for fall or spring delivery,

Bon Accord
2km north of Hwy 28 on RR 235 (Lily Lake Rd)

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