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Westerner Park

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  • Farm Type: Livestock
  • Central Alberta
  • Saturday: CLOSED
  • Sunday: 10am - 4pm

Westerner Park has strong agriculture roots as one of the largest agricultural societies in Alberta and what better way to showcase our agriculture then through a celebration of food. Westerner Park Urban Farm Festival is a new event with a focus on education, encouraging and inspiring people to be knowledgeable about food production and preservation. Through an interactive and experiential environment, Westerner Park will create an Urban Farm experience on our property.

Westerner Park Urban Farm Festival will have three parts:

Urban Farm:

Presented by Red Deer County. On May 26, Steel Pony Farms assisted Westerner Park to plant our new Urban Farm, which Westerner Park will give 100% of what our farm produces back to the community through organizations like Red Deer Food Bank and Hope Mission.

Thanks to the generous donations from our sponsors, Red Deer County, Peavey Mart, Holiday Inn Hotels & Suites, Canar Rock Products, Blue Grass and A’bunadh Seeds. With your donations the Urban Farm is in full bloom!

Tours of Westerner Park’s Urban Farm are free and on August 20 during the Westerner Park Urban Farm Festival there will be a petting zoo!

Urban Farm Festival:

Westerner Park Urban Farm Festival, presented by Peavey Mart, is going to have a full day of activities, workshops and demonstrations on food production and preservation. The community will learn what they can grow in their own backyard, how to make jams and pickles, urban chicken keeping, urban beekeeping and so much more!

The Urban Farm Festival, presented by Peavey Mart, will take place on August 20 in conjunction with Alberta Open Farm Days. The Festival will be an environment where local producers can showcase their products and share their agricultural story.

Let’s come together, learn to grow local food and connect with the community at Westerner Park Urban Farm Festival on August 20!

To attend the workshops you must pre-register through Tickets Alberta. Workshops available:

Urban Chickens: Red Deer and many cities in Alberta allow chickens within city limits. Come hear from chicken owners and experts at this workshop. Have you ever wondered what owning backyard chickens would be like? Whether you’re in the city, on an acreage or even a farm, this session will cover: a guide to getting started, breed section, coop set up, illness and disease, proper husbandry, bio-security and more. Presented by Peavey Mart.

Hobby Bee Keeping: Many cities in Western Canada are starting to allow bees into city limits. Come hear from a beekeeper as to how this can work. This is an introductory to honey bee basics. The presentation which will include getting started, problems and issues to watch out for, proper husbandry, honey production and more. Presented by Peavey Mart.

Canning: Just like Grandma and Grandpa used to do. Come learn a traditional way to make pickles and jam from the fruit and vegetables in your own garden. This interactive session will guide you through making your own pickles and jam, explain the basics, tools needed, food safety and more. Presented by Peavey Mart.

Is your home Healthy? Chemicals, Our Home, Our Health: Do I know what goes into the products I use each day? Is there a health risk or hazard? How can I reduce the risks to myself and those in my care? We don’t always know how to answer these questions. Come and learn practical tips and strategies you can use to create a healthy home for you and your family. Presented by Health Canada.

A Taste of Home Long Table Dinner:

After the Westerner Park Urban Farm Festival join us at the Taste of Home Long Table Dinner, presented by Holiday Inn Hotels & Suites. The menu will feature locally sourced ingredients expertly crafted into a flavour experience by Chef Emmanuel David. Ticket price: $100

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