Alberta Open Farm Days

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Alberta Open farm Days Plan Your Route

Plan your trip to one or more of our host farms below. Follow these instructions to plan your route:

  1. Enter your starting address – make sure to include your city.
  2. Want to make it a round trip? Check the “Round Trip Box”.
  3. Click the blue pins on the map to select a farm.
  4. On the detailed farm card, click “Add to route”.
  5. Add as many farms to your route as you like.
  6. Once you’re done adding farms, click “Get Directions”.
    You’ll be re-directed to a Google Map of your route.
  7. To get the detailed instructions for you trip click “Details”.
  8. Enjoy your day at the farm!

Other Tips:

  • Remove farms by clicking “Remove”.
  • Change the order of the farms by clicking on the farm name, holding, and dragging up or down.

Need a place to stay overnight? Check your local provincial campgrounds and recreational areas along your route.

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